Food quality inspection

To control the dietary supplement inspection process, it requires the food supplement factory to meet certain standards such as: ISO-WHO and HACCP certification in production, along with a combination of types. machinery and equipment of high quality standards. In particular, the machines used for the production of dietary supplements at Nature Pharma are all advanced equipment transferred from leading countries in the world such as Taiwan, Japan, the United States and EU countries. like France…

Nature Pharma provides professional OEM/ODM manufacturing services for dietary supplements and health foods with a GMP-certified factory. Nature Pharma’s OEM/ODM factories are honored to be one of the few pioneers to meet “green” production standards in the production of organic products – Hot trends that the world is following. Currently. Our TPCN, TPBS factory has 8 steps of quality control to bring the highest quality. Therefore, we are entrusted with the responsibility of providing our partners with the best service with the safest product quality!

Quality verification

As a GMP-ISO-WHO standard dietary supplement manufacturer, we have operational and quality standards to ensure products are always supplied to businesses in a stable and long-term manner. With continuous QA/QC product quality assessment to ensure output quality, we help customers build brands and collaborate with customers to create the best products.

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