Process of consulting TPCN processing package

When customers come to Nature Pharma Hoa Binh, the sales department will fully advise on product selection to final design and production. To better understand the process of consulting on the processing of complete dietary supplements, Nature Pharma will introduce you in detail through the following steps:

Step 1: Find out the needs of the customer

Customers are interested and want to own an exclusive and separate functional food brand. What kind of product does the customer require? Which TPCN line? How is it made? Production quantity, packing? How to design packaging and branding? In case the customer has a recipe or wants a specific key ingredient, the sales specialist will be obliged to make a recipe with a quote to send back at the request of the customer. If the customer does not have a recipe, key ingredient, etc., Nature Pharma experts will advise you more specifically.

Step 2: Nature Pharma experts advise customers

Nature Pharma will have a team of consultants, helping you to analyze the products, do market research on the products you choose to make the right decision.

Product selection: product analysis, product quality and demand in the market
Product design consulting: Product design includes designing bottles, product containers, packaging, instructions for use, uses, labels according to brand concepts,… to select designs. Eye-catching, most beautiful design.
Product price consultation: After receiving the product request, quantity and specific preparation and packaging, Nature Pharma will proceed to send you a price list.

Step 3: Customer confirms order

After receiving careful advice and choosing the product to be produced, the customer proceeds to confirm the order. Then, choose the type of goods to order and how much to produce. And customers can also confirm the order through the website: . Please fill in the contact information clearly as a basis for the factory experts to track and contact.

After receiving your information, the factory experts will contact you again for further advice and successful payment confirmation. For small orders, the staff will call directly, but for valuable or large orders, Nature Pharma Hoa Binh will call customers to make an appointment to meet directly at the representative office in Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi to negotiate on the form of receiving food production and decide to sign the contract.

Step 4: Research the exclusive formula

To get functional food formulas that meet efficiency and safety quality. We have to rely on a team of masters, chemical engineers, pharmacists in Traditional Medicine and Modern Medicine to produce the most outstanding formulas. The dietary supplements at Nature Hoa Binh Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Nature Pharma) are drawn from highly qualified human resources of the factory. They do in-depth research and analysis to be able to bring the best products, the best quality at a reasonable price.

Step 5: Sample testing

Product testing is carried out to check the safety and hypoallergenic properties of the products to ensure absolute safety when consuming the product, the sample testing will ensure the safety of the product. ensure the humanity in the “green” production goal of Nature Pharma. Commitment to transparency about the interests of users in general and brands in particular meet safety standards.

Step 6: Submit sample

Formulation of functional foods when completed and after conducting testing. We will let you test the product on site to check the safety, stability and effectiveness of the product, or we can send samples to your company or office for direct verification. . More details when testing product samples will help you understand the color, consistency, taste, etc. However, the elements of color and taste can be changed until the customer is satisfied. .

Step 7: Sign the contract

After testing the sample, if the product meets the requirements of the customer, we will give the final formula, not only processing quality food supplements,

Products are put into production and produce products that meet the best standards. After that, employees at the factory will begin to pack the products, and send the products to agents and businesses to bring to consumers. In addition, Nature Pharma also helps customers complete legal documents, product announcement sheets, product information records, print anti-counterfeiting stamps and send product documents directly to customers.

In particular, Nature Pharma Hoa Binh also helps customers to package other services such as: Free support and advice for new customers starting a business in the dietary supplement market, or helping to better understand the brand, as well such as marketing campaigns to contribute to improving product value and bringing great revenue to our partners and customers.

All stages in the processing and manufacturing process of dietary supplements at Nature Pharma are strictly inspected, committed to bringing customers top quality and safe products when put on the market to consumers. .

Hopefully through the above article, you have a better understanding of the package processing consultancy process at Nature Pharma, thereby being able to provide the closest needs according to the above standards to help us understand. More about you and the product you’re working on. Contact us now for processing advice and quote!


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