Top 5 reputable functional food processing companies in the market

Currently, there are many types of products that help treat and support the treatment of diseases are sold on the market. In addition to western medicines that help treat diseases quickly, it is undeniable that the importance of functional foods, health-protecting foods, and oriental medicine limits the risk of complications from western drugs.

With these advantages, many health foods have been trusted and accepted by consumers. Thanks to that, manufacturing factories and functional food processing companies were born to meet the needs of a large number of consumers. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 reputable functional food processing companies in the market with Nature Pharma for your reference!

Nature Hoa Binh Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company – Nature Pharma Food Supplement Factory

Nature Hoa Binh Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, called Nature Pharma for short (Formerly France Group). With the mission of bringing the essence of Vietnamese herbal medicine affirmed in each product. Since then, commitment to bring clean input materials to help improve product quality better to serve consumers nationwide.

Nhân viên nhà máy làm việc tấp nập tại Nature Pharma


In addition, owning a research center for product ingredient formulas, professional, specializing in researching and preparing product formulas helps Nature Pharma Hoa Binh factory to assert its position in the eyes of international friends. economic. And is well received by many customers both at home and abroad, trusting to choose to process here. Because of the following strengths:

Dedicated working team, enthusiastic advice 24/7
Supporting Bosses from formula selection, suitable prices, diverse design resources from outsourcing to internal designers to help bring the best quality packaging designs.
Sales and Marketing teams are all people with many years of experience in the market in many different industries, ready to offer practical business and communication solutions for you.
Our staff are all leading experts in the field of Pharmaceuticals and Supplements, ready to support you with product training so that you can better understand the products you trade.

Nature Pharma is an option that you can easily cooperate with because of its affordable processing costs and attractive processing incentives for the next time, suitable for both large enterprises and units. have demand for outsourcing production in small quantity but not much capital, can be met. In order to optimize costs for business owners to produce the most orders at an affordable price.

Address of the factory: Song Da Left Bank Industrial Park, Huu Nghi Ward, Hoa Binh City, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam. Improve product quality, ensure full legal support; Learn more here: or please contact us via hotline / zalo: 0919386863 –

Vietnam Anh Quoc Truong Dai Hung International Joint Stock Company (Tadaphaco)

Vietnam UK International Joint Stock Company Truong Dai Hung or Tadaphaco, with a variety of preparations, processing functional foods and cosmetics, to nutritional foods is a great choice if you want to develop variety of business products that you want.

Production line of Tadaphaco . factory

In particular, with the core strength of developing excellent nutritional products with the development orientation: Enhancing Vietnamese stature. Bringing a healthier Vietnamese community. In addition, Tadaphaco also has many extra-curricular activities to help employees have a more refreshing spirit, helping to improve work performance.

In particular, it is impossible not to mention Tadaphaco’s director of product and market strategy development, who has more than 7 years of experience in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Functional Foods, nutritional foods, and dietary supplements. As the person who has molded hundreds of powerful brands in the market such as Green sure, Glubest, Gluca Gold, Gluzabet, Bird’s Nest Vy Hoang Yen…

Connect with us at Hotline: 094 238 6863 – 0917386863. Vietnam British International Joint Stock Company Truong Dai Hung – Enhancing the stature of Vietnam.

Bach Herbal Company Limited

Bach Herbal Co., Ltd, also known as Bach Herbal Medicine, is a company that has a brand and reputation in the market by a team of staff including doctors, university pharmacists, and doctors of traditional medicine and traditional medicine. clear working process, avoid errors between operating stages of the personnel apparatus.

Factory employees work at Bach Thao Pharmacy

Abundant financial capacity is the strength of Bach Thao Pharmaceutical factory, owning a large investment capital of up to 120 billion VND, equivalent to more than 5 million USD, so if you want to shake hands with a brand Big factory brand in the market, you should not miss the opportunity to work with. Along with that is the affirmation: Preserve and promote the quintessence of Traditional Medicine.

The only drawback is that the processing price here will be a bit higher than the market because the brand value of the factory is relatively large for those Bosses. If you have large capital, you can consider co-production with Bach Herbal Medicine.

Contact the factory for cooperation at Hotline: 0837386863.

Diophaco . functional food factory

Diophaco factory with many formulary research labs, and product testing equipment are all imported in many major countries around the world, supporting the inspection and censorship of the safest input and output products. .

The capacity of equipment and machinery is always operated with maximum efficiency to deliver goods to business owners.

In addition, the factory constantly improves and develops its processing capacity to bring prestigious products that are trusted by everyone.

Lis Vietnam Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Lis Group)

Lis Pharma or Lis Group (known as Lis Vietnam Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company) has a background from a retail business, so they are very knowledgeable about the market. By 2020, Lis Pharma has turned to become one of the leading corporations owning many famous food supplement factories in the Vietnamese market.

The staff working at Lis Pharma

Lis Pharma’s staff is always highly appreciated for their professional quality, as well as their professional working style and dedication to customers’ products. From researching and formulating for customers, to legal support, packaging design and production research, packaging and delivery on schedule with large capacity. In addition, Lis Pharma has been advising many partners to successfully develop their brands and expand their business scale to foreign markets from Asia to Europe because of their multi-market research capabilities on the intensity of their work. extremely high work, bring commensurate efficiency.

Cooperate in outsourcing food production to protect health with us to bring a stronger brand in the market at the representative office: Adjacent to 16-19, An Hung New Urban Area, La Khe, Ha Dong , Hanoi City. Support hotline number: 098 938 6863.

Hopefully this article can give you a better perspective on the top 5 functional food processing companies in Vietnam and decide to choose a reputable supplement processing location, the price of fish is suitable for your needs. my wallet!

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