What are functional foods? What is the difference between functional foods and general foods?

Welcome to the information gathering section with Nature Pharma. Surely from childhood to adulthood you have used functional foods to help treat a certain disease that you have. Do you know the difference between functional foods and conventional foods?


Functional foods are foods that are manufactured using raw materials or ingredients that have beneficial effects on the human body. Here, the raw materials or ingredients that have a useful function to the human body are called ‘functional raw materials’. In simple terms, it can be defined as “healthy functional food is food produced with functional ingredients”.


“Common food” is prepared in a simple way, functional food is a blend of many different ingredients that bring many great benefits. The addition or reduction of the content will be carefully considered and subject to the permission of the competent authority.
Functional foods possess specific dosages, clearer instructions for use than conventional foods.
Functional foods can only be used for certain subjects, while conventional foods can be used for all subjects.
Food usually includes ingredients such as: vegetables, tubers, fruits, meat, fish…;
Functional food ingredients are active ingredients, extracted from plants, animals…

Many people often think of supplements as drugs because they look like drugs. But called with the name “functional food”. and subject to supervision and management by the Department of Food Safety and the Ministry of Health.

Even though they have the same vitamin C composition, the difference is that the many different types of vitamin C available in pharmaceuticals are used in different amounts.

In particular, when a quantity of ingredients for the production of functional foods is used for preparation, the function of those ingredients may be considered for permission to appear on the product packaging label..

Illustration: Health food certification

The basis for building a dossier of announcing the quality of functional foods and foods usually includes:
Law No. 55/2010/QH12 – Law on Food Safety
Decree 38/2012/ND-CP – Detailed regulations on a number of food safety laws
Circular 19/2012/TT-BYT – Guiding the Announcement of Conformity and Announcement of Conformity with Food Safety Regulations
In addition, the Ministry of Health has issued Circular 43/2014/TT-BYT more specific regulations on the announcement of functional foods, in order to tighten management and create opportunities for this health economic sector to develop. practical and sustainable development.

Above, Nature Pharma introduced you to functional foods and the difference between functional foods and conventional foods, please click on this link to better understand the legal process and procedures. management in product announcement registration: https://naturecorp.com.vn/dang-ky-cong-bo-san-pham/


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